For room escape ENTHUSIASTS

See your surroundings on a new level and solve mysteries all around the world.

contact-free activity

Suitable for all ages and group sizes. Great & safe way to have fun together.


Level Adventures is designed and produced in cooperation with Trap Factory and Vertics. Support the Finnish design.

Notice! The iOS version of the app is no longer available. In the future, you can play our games on Android devices or in the soon-to-be-released browser version.

Updated: 23.5.2022


”Taking your surroundings to a new level”

Level is a mobile phone application where one can play GPS-based and room escape game inspired puzzle hunts. You may play by yourself or with a group and we offer a diverse selection of different stories, routes and difficulty levels. Compete against your friends or just enjoy a day out. Download for free already today!

Level Adventures is designed and produced entirely in Finland. By playing you support the local businesses.


Constantly growing game and city selection! At the moment only in Finland.


Adventure in Otaniemi. Available in English or in Finnish.


Adventure in Lapinlahti – Helsinki. Soon available in English!


Murder mystery in Seurasaari – Helsinki. Available only in English.

LEVEL 1 | 20€

Suits for beginners and younger players. The games tend to be shorter.

LEVEL 2 | 35€

Offers convenient, medium difficulty games with middle ranged routes.

LEVEL 3 | 60€

Demands for experience and great teamwork. The games tend to be longer.

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