5 steps into an adventure


Play online at (best with Chrome), or download for free from Google Play!


Register, sign in and approve location data.


Browse through the game list and buy a game. You’ll receive the game code via email.


As a team captain create a game lobby and as a team member join the lobby.


Navigate from one taskpoint to another. Open tasks from the yellow eye-icon > SOLVE or take a clue from magnifying class. And have FUN!


from one taskpoint to another.


…from the yellow eye-icon and solve, or take a clue from the magnifying glass.


But be careful, incorrect answers and clues give out time penalties.


The answering shift and navigation responsibility rotates between the players. If needed, you may take over a shift from the top menu.

Detailed instructions

  1. Play online at (best with Chrome) OR download the app LEVEL ADVENTURES™ for free from Google Play. > Register and sign in.  (Remember to check your junk mailbox during the registration.)

  2. Give approval for location data. Choose your preferred language and click “JOIN GAME”.

  3. Choose a team captain and come up with a team name. First the captain will “CREATE LOBBY” via the team code and then all the rest team members will “JOIN  LOBBY” via the same team code.

  4. Please note: Only start the game when you see the names of every team member in the lobby. You can’t add anyone into the game after it has been started.

  5. With the game map navigate your way to the next taskpoint which is shown as a circled location tag on the map. By clicking the yellow eye-icon at the bottom left corner you may open the task. In turn, every player will be responsible for to navigate and give the answer as they have the  “answering shift”. The team captain can also always see the next taskpoint.

  6. Read the tasks carefully and work together in order to solve them.For each task the player with the “answering shift ” may choose to take a clue by clicking the magnifying glass -icon.

  7. You have three clues for each task and after the third clue you may check the correct solution. Bear in mind, each clue and wrong answer will add time into your final game time.

  8. If needed, you may takeover a shift from the menu button at the right top corner, or in case of GPS problems open a task.

  9. If any issues arise don’t hesitate to contact Level Adventures.

  10. Have FUN!