What is an outdoor escape game?
Outdoor escape games are room escape game-inspired adventure games outdoors. The games are played through a GPS-based app Level Adventures. You do not have to book the game in advance as you can play whenever you want and for as long as you want. Once you are at the location shown on the map, the game can begin. Assemble a team, or go on an adventure alone! All you need is weatherproof outfit, a device with internet connection, a user account in Level Adventures and a curious mind. A spare battery, note taking equipment and furry friends are more than welcome in these “escape rooms”.

How long does an outdoor escape game last?
The estimated duration of the games varies depending on the difficulty, the length of the route, and the skill level of the group. In most cases, games last about 1-3 hours, so on average it’s a good idea to set aside about two hours to play. However, the playing time is not limited, so if you wish you may spend the whole day playing or continue tomorrow in case of a bad weather. You can see a game-specific game time estimations in the game details.

Which level of difficulty is right for me?
The difficulty levels of the games are on a scale of beginner, easy, medium, hard, expert. The easiest, beginner and easy games are great for beginners and families with kids. While from medium games onwards, it’s good that players have some previous experience from outdoor adventures or escape room games. If you need advice on choosing a game, we will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail!

Which LEVEL is right for me?
Please note that the LEVELs of the games do not indicate the level of difficulty, rather the pricing of the game. The LEVEL is determined by the estimated duration of the game, the length of the route, the level of difficulty, and the versatility of the game. LEVEL 1 games cost 20€, LEVEL 2 35€, and LEVEL 3 60€.

Can you play in English?
Yes you can! Some of our games are available in both Finnish and English, and a few are in English only. Please make sure you have selected the desired language version of the game before purchasing it. Please note that the game language will be the same between all group members.

How many players can there be in one group?
The recommended number of players in outdoor escape games is, in principle, the same as in escape rooms: 4-6 people. However, the number of players is not limited so you can play alone, or even in a group of ten or more! Nevertheless, we have found that about four people is the ideal group size to maintain everyone’s participation, while ensuring an appropriate number of brain cells to solve even the most difficult puzzles. For example, if you have 10 people we recommend splitting into two teams and competing against each other. You can read more about game-specific player recommendations in the game details.

Can children play?
Sure! Outdoor escape games are a great activity for the whole family. Children under the age of 12 should always have a guardian with them. Children over the age of 12 may play independently ONLY with guardian’s consent and at the guardian’s own discretion. Please note that some game routes go across busy traffic lanes, so do not allow small children to play unattended.

Are the games suitable for e.g. company parties, stag parties or school field trips?
Absolutely! Our games are a perfect addition to any special day as a grouping activity or just a way to spent some fun time with friends. We can also customize games just for your needs. Let us know what you want and we will calculate you an offer.

What is suitable clothing for outdoor escape games?
Weatherproof clothing! Each of our outdoor escape games are played completely outdoors. Some games may not even have rain shelters along the route, so be prepared for any kind of weather. We also recommend good shoes especially for games over 2 miles. Read more about the walking route lengths in the game details for more information.

How to pay?
The outdoor escape games can be purchased and paid directly in the app. One payment is enough for the whole team! After payment a game code will pop up in your email (please also check your spam folder). If you want to buy more than one game at a time, please email us so we can handle the payment conveniently via an online payment link. Companies also have the option for billing, which must be agreed before the games. Billing information should be sent in advance to info(at) Our preferred billing methods are e-invoice and email and the billing fee is 10€.

What happens in case of a bad weather when I can’t use the purchased game code?
No worries! Game codes do not expire until one year after purchase, so you can go and play another day.

Is it safe to play?
Outdoor escape games are a contact-free activity and therefore a pandemic friendly solution for teamwork and shared fun. During the game itself, security is in your own hands, as the playing field can even be an entire city. So mind your surroundings throughout the game and also take care of your team members. Don’t play while driving!

Why Level Adventures?
We are a service provider that is completely innovated, designed and produced in Finland. The design process of the games is made by Trap Factory Oy and its imaginative employees. Trap Factory is located in Espoo, Finland, and has been operating in the escape room field for half a decade. The values ​​of Trap Factory’s game building are: quality, originality and experience-centered-design. In our games, we want to create a holistic experience for the player filled with mysteries, fun and moments of shared success. The application has been produced in collaboration with a local coding company Vertics. By playing our games, you support Finnish work!