See your surroundings on a new level and solve mysteries all around the world.


Suitable for all ages and group sizes. Play whenever and as long as you want!


Level Adventures is produced entirely in Finland. By playing our games you support local businesses.

”Taking your surroundings to a new level”

Level Adventures is a mobile phone app where you can play GPS-based and room escape game inspired puzzle hunts. You may play by yourself or with a group and we offer a diverse selection of different locations, stories, routes and difficulty levels.

Compete against your friends or just enjoy a day out! You don’t need to book an outdoor escape game in advance, you can just play whenever you want.

Jump into an adventure online at:


We recommend Chrome for the smoothest experience!


You can purchase the game directly from the app. One purchase is enough for the whole team! Please contact us at if you wish to pay by billing or through a payment link.

LEVEL 1 | 20€

Suits for beginners and younger players. The games tend to be shorter.

LEVEL 2 | 35€

Offers convenient, medium difficulty games with middle ranged routes. 

LEVEL 3 | 60€

Demands for experience and great teamwork skills. The games tend to be longer.

We recommend Chrome for the smoothest experience!

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