Sampo, the magical device that brings fortune and prosperity, is in the hands of the evil ruler of the North. Join the Adventurers party from the South to demand to get the Sampo back. Arrive to Pohjola and demand to become the new Lord of the Sampo, but be careful as you never know what could be hiding behind a tree.

Explore the breath-taking views of the Koli National Park and adventure into the heart of the epic story of Kaleva. Can you solve your way through the mysteries and traps before the Sampo is lost forever?

This game is only available in English.

*Please note. Unfortunately, parts of the route are not accessible for people with walking disabilities. Also to ensure a smooth gaming experience the task point areas are bigger than usually to help with possible GPS-issues in the nature. In case of GPS-issues, feel free to use the “open task” button whenever arriving at the correct location.